Disability services

Information, resources and support services are offered to students with disabilities and students with learning difficulties.

You will need to complete a needs assessment before you can access disability support. Contact the Learning Support and Disabilities Co-ordinator at your campus to arrange a time to do this. You should be able to provide evidence of needing support and if required, be available for assessment by the Learning Support and Disabilities team.

Please ensure you have the support you need before your programme of study begins.


The Disabilities team is available to assist you with programme advice and enrolment assistance. Firstly find out your programme requirements and prerequisites from the programme tutor or course handbook.

Once enrolled your requirements will be made known to your tutor, with your permission.

Campus Access

If you experience any difficulty with campus access, please notify a Disabilities staff member.

Disabled Parking

Please contact your Disabilities Coordinator for advice on where to park.