Covid-19 Information

The health and wellbeing of our people is our priority.

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Now that the Covid-19 traffic light system has been removed from across Aotearoa New Zealand, we’ve made a few adjustments to the way things work for us too. 

  • No masks are needed on any of our campuses, including all teaching and public spaces.
  • No masks are needed at any of our teaching sites located across the country.
  • Individuals are very welcome to keep wearing a mask anywhere they’d like to – we fully support this and continue to have masks available for our ākonga and kaimahi.
  • Government vaccine mandates are no longer required from Tuesday 27 September 2022 - this means you will no longer need to supply evidence of your Covid-19 vaccination status to apply for our health programmes. However, most placement providers will require evidence from you that you're fully vaccinated. Placements are an integral part of our health programmes and you'll need to complete these to be able to successfully achieve your qualification. Not being able to provide evidence of vaccination may affect you being able to complete your chosen qualification. 
  • Placements and work experience are an integral part of many other programmes too. Students need to complete these practical elements of a qualification to successfully achieve it and some placement/work experience providers may want to see evidence of your vaccination status. Our objective is to support your success in whatever qualification you enrol in but this is also dependent on you meeting requirements set by third party placement providers. We cannot guarantee you a placement if you do not meet these requirements.

If a student or staff member does get Covid-19, they’ll need to follow the self-isolation guidelines and isolate for seven days. Students need to let their tutor or department administrator know. Staff need to let their manager know. 

Household Contacts no longer need to isolate but will need to do a daily RAT for five days. 

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