Fees & funding

Don't let the cost of education put you off studying – there are ways to study for free or get funding to reduce your tuition fees.

fees funding

Each qualification has its tuition fee - This is the cost of your study. However, there may be additional costs such as tools, uniforms and equipment. Check the programme information page for the most up-to-date information about costs.

Right now, the Government is investing in education to remove cost barriers for tertiary education and to fill skill-shortage areas. Let them invest in you, so you can gain a qualification that gives you recognised skills and greater job opportunities.

Free study

Fees Free - your first year fees are free

For domestic students, if this is your first time enrolling in tertiary study (over 60 credits at Level 3 or higher) in New Zealand you may be eligible to have your first year of study for free.

All the details and criteria are on the Fees Free website. There's an eligibility-checker tool where you can enter your National Student Number (NSN) to see if you’re entitled to funding.

If you are eligible, we’ll organise your fees with the Tertiary Education Commission when you're enrolled to study with us.

The Government has advised they intend to change the Fees Free policy from 2025. The details of the change are yet to be confirmed, and we'll update this webpage when we have more information. The Fees Free policy for 2024 is unchanged.

Fees Free eligibility checker

Youth Guarantee Scheme

The Youth Guarantee is a funding scheme for people 16–24 years old who want to move into tertiary study. It means you can enrol in Level 1 - 3 programmes, cost-free.

We have various Level 1 - 3 programmes available under this scheme which can prepare you with practical skills for work. If you meet the eligibility criteria you may receive up to two years of the Youth Guarantee funding, subject to availability.

You may apply for a Youth Guarantee Scheme place if you:

  • are a Domestic Student
  • have left school, and do not hold a qualification level 3 or higher
  • are 16 to 24 years of age or; are 15 years of age at the time of commencing your study, and have an early leaving exemption from school
  • are enrolling in either a 120 credit programme, or two programmes of at least 40 credits each, or studying at least 50% of a full-time, full-year enrolment
  • have not already used 2 years of YGS funding.

Youth Guarantee Scheme students under 18 years of age must agree not to apply for course related costs or the living cost component of a Student Loan.  Students of any age can apply for a Student Allowance if they meet the StudyLink eligibility criteria.

Travel Assistance

Youth Guarantee Scheme students may be eligible for assistance with transport to attend their programme.  At some campuses this may be through providing a transport service, while at others students may be able to claim the cost of their travel.  Each student seeking assistance must complete a Travel Assistance Application Form as part of the Youth Guarantee Scheme application.

How do I apply for a Youth Guarantee Scheme place?

Complete the Tai Poutini Polytechnic enrolment form and the Tai Poutini Polytechnic Youth Guarantee Scheme application form. You can still apply for a Youth Guarantee Scheme place if you have already been accepted onto a programme. Application forms and more information can be found here.


Studylink loans & allowances

You can still apply to StudyLink for a student loan, a student allowance and course-related costs. This is only available for domestic students.

Student loan

You can get a Student Loan to pay your study fees, your course-related costs and your living costs. To qualify for a student loan you must be a New Zealand citizen, an Australian citizen or permanent New Zealand resident who has lived in New Zealand for at least three years, enrolled in a Ministry of Education approved full time or part-time programme (the equivalent of at least 12 weeks full time).

Student loans are a Government loan for domestic students that you repay through the Department of Inland Revenue when you start working.

Student allowance

You may be eligible for a Student Allowance. You don’t need to repay a Student Allowance as it is not considered part of your loan. Check the criteria for an allowance before you apply for Student Loan living costs. This is important to ensure that you don’t borrow more than you need to.

The StudyLink website has an eligibility test and further information about the options available to you.

Check your eligibility with StudyLink

Education and Employment Related Training

Assistance may be available to you through Work and Income if you’re planning to do a work-related course and you may be eligible for one of the following benefits:

  • Sole Parent Support
  • Supported Living Payment
  • Young Parent Payment
  • Youth Payment

For more information including eligibility visit here

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