How to apply

Want to enrol? We'll walk you through the process - follow our step by step guide on how to apply.

  1. Decide on your programme
    Browse our Study section to find a programme or short course that meets your needs.
  2. Choose how to enrol
    You can apply online through our application form, you can apply in person at one of our campuses or apply over the phone by calling one of our friendly team and requesting an enrolment pack be sent to you on 0800 800 411.
  3. Application acknowledgment
    We will send you an acknowledgement by email to let you know that we have received your application.
  4. Processing your application
    We process and assess your application - You may be asked to supply more information or take part in an interview.
  5. Application outcome
    We then contact you about the outcome - If your application is successful, you will receive an offer of place letter from us by post or email. This means you have been accepted onto the programme you have applied for - congratulations!
  6. Securing your place
    To confirm your place you need to secure your enrolment. You do this by signing your offer letter and returning this to us.
  7. Payment
    We send you an invoice and you arrange your fee payment.
  8. Haere mai, welcome

If you haven't done already, you may be required to provide proof of citizenship documentation, like a birth certificate or passport. Some of our programmes also require supporting documentation to accompany your application.

Supporting documentation

Drug and Alcohol Consent Form

Download and complete this form if you programme requires it. 

Youth Guarantee Scheme Supporting Application Form

Apply for the Youth Guarantee Scheme here. You will also need to complete a programme application form above. 

Programme Questionnaires

Some of our programmes also require a questionnaire to be submitted with your enrolment. Please see the list of questionnaires listed below which are downloadable PDF files.

Print out the applicable questionnaire, complete the questions and return it with your enrolment form and any other supporting documents that are required.

Contact us

If you’re not sure what to study and would like some guidance, we’re here to help. Feel free to chat to us directly about any questions you may have.