High school students turn up in droves for a taste of tertiary study

5 Apr 2018

High school students turn up in droves for a taste of tertiary study  Competition for places in the West Coast Trades Academy is heating‐up, with more students than ever this year enrolled to take part in the school‐to‐work training programme. Tai Poutini Polytechnic is the main provider for the Trades Academy, providing ongoing training opportunities for West Coast students. The Trades Academy, which introduces high school students to the industry of their choice, has been oversubscribed across 95% of its programmes this year. West Coast Trades Academy General Manager Tania Washer says that every West Coast high school is now engaged in the programme. “We’re going from strength to strength.  Six years ago, we had 32 students.  This year, we have 140 studying at TPP, and 230 across the West Coast.  Enthusiasm levels are also at record highs, and we’ve had 100% attendance of our year two students this year.  They are all turning up to class motivated and ready to learn,” she says. “Gaining a place at WCTA is now highly competitive, and students need to demonstrate that they are committed to the trades pathway they are applying for.  Placements into TPP take into account a student’s drive and desires to do that programme, and look at social...

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TPP partners with Greymouth High School to promote local tech event

15 Mar 2018

TPP partners with Greymouth High School to promote local tech event The West Coast joins New Zealand innovators and tech experts next week at a special event to introduce Techweek’18. Anyone with an interest in celebrating innovation and technology on the West Coast is invited to Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) next Wednesday evening (21 March), to take part in the nationwide livestreaming of the Techweek’18 launch. Join local entrepreneurs and innovators to find out more about the week‐long event in May, and how you can get involved. TPP and Greymouth High School have partnered to bring Techweek’18 to the West Coast, enabling Coasters to participate in this annual festival showcasing New Zealand innovation that's good for the world. Throughout the nine days of the festival, Techweek provides a platform for events, conversations and initiatives to take place. Hundreds of events will run across the country, providing a unique opportunity to connect the West Coast with people throughout New Zealand to inspire and build capability. West Coasters can join in at no cost, from Greymouth, thanks to live streaming technology at TPP. Chief Executive Alex Cabrera says it’s a great opportunity for West Coast innovators to come together and discuss our place in the future of New Zealand technology and...

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TPP partners with Rotary for community benefit

4 Mar 2018

TPP partners with Rotary for community benefit TPP partners with Rotary for community benefit West Coast children will be the winners in a new partnership designed to give back to the local community. Tai Poutini Polytechnic has confirmed that this year’s class of construction students will build a fullsize house to be auctioned through Rotary as a fundraiser for the children’s wing in the new Greymouth Hospital. Chief Executive Alex Cabrera says that the auction is a symbol of the polytechnic’s place at the heart of its community. “We are here to provide what the Coast needs, as an integral part of this community.  So while we’re helping people to gain a new skill or learn a trade, we’re also using our resources to support the same community,” he says. “Partnering with Rotary to give back to our community provides a wonderful opportunity for the work we do to reach those in need.” Alex says that knowing that their hard work is for a good cause is a motivating factor for the students. “For many of our young people today, there is a real desire to give back, and to look beyond themselves.  This year’s class of construction students has the opportunity to do just that, and it’s a challenge they...

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Government support secures tertiary education on Coast

28 Feb 2018

*Government support secures tertiary education on Coast* The Government’s decision to continue financial support for Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) is great news for the future of tertiary education on the West Coast. Funding support for the coming year was confirmed today by Education Minister Chris Hipkins www.beehive.govt.nz[http://www.beehive.govt.nz/].[http://www.beehive.govt.nz/] It coincides with the release by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) of its investigation into TPP delivery between 2010 and 2015 www.tec.govt.nz[http://www.tec.govt.nz/].[http://www.tec.govt.nz/] Funding support allows the institute to keep operating while plans to develop a new model for the delivery of quality, sustainable tertiary education at both a national and regional level are progressed. Chief Executive Alex Cabrera says TPP, as part of a range of improvements made over the past 18 months, is considering new ways of working that take an innovative approach to tertiary education in one of New Zealand’s most isolated regions.  “We know we have to do things differently to secure the future of vocational training on the Coast so we’ve worked closely with the local community, partner organisations and Government to come up with a proposal for the future. Today’s indication of the Minister’s strong focus on how the regions can be better supported by tertiary education is a positive step toward change.” Crown Manager Murray Strong...

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18 Feb 2018

 *MPORTANT MESSAGE*   *UPDATED: 21 February 2018, 5.30pm* All Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s West Coast Campuses are open as normal on Thursday 22 February 2018. Thank you   *19 February 2018, 3.05pm*   *All Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s West Coast Campus’swill be closed on Tuesday 20 February and Wednesday 21 February* as a safety precaution as a result of the significant weather event due to hit New Zealand with a strong focus on the West Coast over Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday. DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS or TRAVEL TO OR FROM OUR WEST COAST SITES.  All other non-West Coast campuses will remain open as normal.  Updates will be posted on TPP’s Facebook www.fb.com/taipoutinipolytechnic[http://www.fb.com/taipoutinipolytechnic] and on our web www.tpp.ac.nz/important[important]   We strongly encourage all members of our communities to keep up to date with the latest developments regarding this very significant weather system which can be found at http://www.metservice.com/warnings/severe-weather-warnings[http://www.metservice.com/warnings/severe-weather-warnings] We will continue to monitor the situation for any further developments. Please remember if in doubt follow Civil Defences advice. Kind regards, Alex Cabrera Chief Executive

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Orientation week

15 Jan 2018

Greymouth Orientation Week February 12 - 16 2018 Monday 12 February                                                       9.30 - 10.00am *Powhiri* in Atrium 12.00 - 1.00pm *BBQ lunch* in Atrium Tuesday 13 February 12.00 - 1.00pm Enrolment finalising/Student Services *Lunch* in Atrium (opportunity for students to finalise their enrolment – photos for ID’s, acceptance letters, StudyLink, Fees Free info, Counselling info etc.) Thursday 15 February   1.15 - 4.00(ish) *Inter Programme Challenge* followed by BBQ   Friday 16 February *Chinese New Year Celebration:* 1:00 – 4:00pm in Atrium. An interactive event celebrating and showcasing Chinese culture in the form of dance, calligraphy, martial arts, tea ceremony and more. In collaboration with the Confucius Institute – Canterbury University and New Coasters. Sunday 18 February *Greymouth Rotary Street Fair:* 4:00 - 7:00pm in Greymouth Town Square (Food and craft stalls and live music). All week 12 - 16 February *$8.50 movie entry at...

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Enrolment Day

21 Dec 2017

2018 Enrolment Day A4Poster Web

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MAINZ to transfer to Southern Institute of Technology

12 Dec 2017

MAINZ to transfer to Southern Institute of Technology Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s (TPP) Music and Audio Institute of NZ (MAINZ) will transfer to the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) early next year, as TPP continues on its journey towards ensuring quality, sustainable local tertiary vocational training for the West Coast. Discussions have been underway between the two polytechnics since the end of November, with staff and union consultation completed over the past two weeks. Tai Poutini Polytechnic Chief Executive, Alex Cabrera, says the transfer is in the best interests of students, staff, and the West Coast. “We are reviewing all our activity to ensure we are doing the right things - including whether we are the right organisation to be delivering some of our programmes. The focus for TPP is on ensuring sustainable, quality education for the West Coast that makes a contribution to the local economy. While the MAINZ programme fit the first of these two criteria, there are other industries more relevant to the West Coast that we need to focus on.” Mr Cabrera says SIT is well placed to take over MAINZ. “It has similar programmes already, SIT already has campuses in Christchurch and Auckland (where MAINZ is based), and it is a long-established, high-quality provider with a...

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Giant whale and jadestone wave sold on TradeMe

11 Dec 2017

Giant whale and jadestone wave sold on TradeMe The bidding wars are over and two Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) student sculptures are now on their way to new homes. Jade and Hard Stone Carving Certificate students spent more than 120 hours crafting their limestone sculptures, which were auctioned online via Trademe. Rivalling any child in size, the limestone sculptures of a giant whale and wave attracted a raft of bidders, with the final pieces selling for $505 and $999 respectively. Tai Poutini Polytechnic General Manager Dr Teresa Schwellnus says the successful auctions have been a great confidence boost for the students, who have enjoyed having their art appreciated off-campus. “We are extremely proud of them. From the feedback we’ve received, the community is eager to see what we do next.” Whale The limestone whale was designed and carved by students Annie Inwood, Monique Reekers, Anthony Wetere-Sweet, Hector Tainui and Veronica Salas. The students based their artwork on the four elements, fire, earth, air and water, to carefully reflect key messages of Maoridom. The piece sold for $505, while the 650kg Te wahi pounamu (The Place of Pounamu) was purchased by a Christchurch buyer for $999. 673810884 The wave-like creation from students Storm Cameron, Francey-J Kara, Nikita Stevenson, Stefan Sheffield, and Vicky Dawson...

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Music school event ‘on an epic scale’

24 Nov 2017

Music school event ‘on an epic scale’ A three‐stage venue was packed to the walls this week as hundreds turned out to support the MAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand) end of year showcase. The ‘MAINZ Arcade’ event featured assessment performances from more than 40 solo and group artists, ranging from Foundation students to those graduating at degree level. Programme Manager Kingsley Melhuish says that the event, held at Whammy Bar and The Winecellar, in the iconic St Kevin’s Arcade on Auckland’s Karangahape Road, is comparable to a music festival, and that as an educational experience, it is hard to beat. “For our students, MAINZ Arcade provides a fertile environment for students to grow their creativity. They feed off each other, learning from those outside of their own cohort and musical genre, and finish their academic year on a real high. “It was remarkable to see the contrast between the students’ performances earlier in the year, and this end of year event, with outstanding growth in both confidence and skill,” he says. This is the second time the school has held the MAINZ Arcade event, and Kingsley says it is beginning to get noticed. “We kicked this event off to provide a rich opportunity for students, so that they could gain the experience of both playing to large...

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