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    1 and 2
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Programme One

Basic Mandarin

Designed to introduce you to the Mandarin culture and language, our level one programme teaches you Pinyin (the Chinese pronunciation system) and how to use basic Mandarin in daily life. We explore Chinese history & art and discuss current affairs of the Chinese nation. You will also experience the traditional culture by taking part in workshops on; brush calligraphy, tea ceremony and making dumplings.

Mandarin Language

Learn how to speak basic Mandarin!

  • Systematic learning of Pinyin (Chinese Pronunciation system)

  • Basic Mandarin in daily life

 Learn how to write Mandarin

  • Elements of composing Chinese characters

  • Learn how to pen calligraphy

Chinese Culture

  • Learn stories of Chinese calligraphic characters

  • Learn Chinese traditional culture (traditional stories, festivals, customs, idioms and etiquette)

Chinese Customs Workshop

  • Learn dumpling making

  • Learn paper cutting

  • Learn a traditional tea ceremony

Programme Two

Second Level Mandarin

This programme has been developed for people who have attended the level one programme or have previous experience with the Mandarin language and culture. Level two Mandarin is focused on taking basic skills to the next level.

Mandarin Langauge

Learn how to speak basic Mandarin!

  • Basic Mandarin in daily life

  • Words expressions and sentences used for specific occasions

    (shopping, cooking and travelling)

Learn how to write Mandarin

  • Study of hard pen calligraphy

  • Study of brush calligraphy

Chinese Culture

  • Study of traditional Chinese culture (stories, festivals, idioms and etiquette)

  • Be introduced to the current affairs of China

  • Learn paper cutting

  • Learn Chinese Knot

(Mandarin Language Assistant from the Confucius Institute)