Quarrying and Mining Supervision (Level 5)

Take the next step in your mining career with TPP’s training in quarry management.

You’ll gain the skills and expertise required to apply for your A and B Grade Quarry Manager’s Certificate of Competence – a requirement for managers of any quarry or surface mining operation in New Zealand.

For the first time, Tai Poutini Polytechnic is combining the two programmes so you can gain the qualifications to take your mining job to the next level.

You can make the training work for your current job as well as your future; by allowing you to enrol in the units required for your chosen Certificate of Competency.

You can structure the programme to achieve the unit standards required by the Board of Examiners to gain the B Grade Certificate of Competency; then the A Grade Certificate of Competency. Remaining units will support their continued professional development requirements.

  • Level:
    5 and 4
  • Credit Value:
    205 and 39
  • Awards:
    Diploma in Quarrying and Mining Supervision (Level 5) and Training Scheme in Quarrying and Mining Supervision (Level 4)
  • Location:
    Available Nationally
  • Method of Study:
    Part time - Blended and Face to Face
  • Total Duration:
    3 years
  • Start Date:
    Multiple intakes per year

Core Elements

  • Coordinated incident management
  • Conduct an incident investigation
  • Management of water use and environmental awareness
  • Pumps, dewatering and settling ponds
  • Roading and surface maintenance for quarries and mines
  • Conveyors, crushers and screening
  • Regulatory requirements for quarrying and mining
  • Operating and maintain stockpiles and tipheads
  • Regulatory requirements for managing an extractives site
  • Reviewing extractive plans
  • Mining and quarrying explosives properties
  • Explosives storage
  • Geology and extractive methods
  • Geotechnical requirements
  • Lead teams and monitor performance 
  • Analyse human factors in the workplace
  • Risk management in quarrying and mining
  • Planning to minimise environmental impacts
  • Develop standard operating procedures
  • Safety plans
  • Site safety inspections
  • Mining and quarrying communication
  • Rehabilitation planning

Programme Structure and Workload

Enrolment into this qualification will require you to participate in: structured training sessions, the completion of practical tasks on your worksite, and the completion of assessments to demonstrate your learning and application of knowledge.

This training will require a commitment from your employer to ensure your availability for the training sessions and to facilitate appropriate learning situations on your worksites. The qualification is delivered over a period of three years and will require significant commitment from you (the learner) to achieve the required outcomes.


NZQA    Title Level       Credits
7142 Demonstrate knowledge of the application of regulatory requirements to manage an extractive site 6 25
7143 Inspect and report on safety and operations at an extractive site 5 10
7144 Review plans and recommend changes for ongoing operations at an extractive site 5 15
8902 Prepare a safety inspection plan for extractive operations 5 4
8922 Conduct safety checks before and after equipment use at an extractive site 2 2
11096 Analyse feedback contexts and apply constructive feedback techniques 5 3
15663 Demonstrate knowledge of the geotechnical requirements for ground stability at surface extraction sites 5 15
15664 Demonstrate introductory knowledge of geology at surface extraction sites 3 5
16686 Conduct an incident investigation at an extractive site 5 8
17694 Demonstrate knowledge of explosives and their properties 3 10
17744 Read and interpret extractive site plans 4 5
21151 Demonstrate knowledge of planning rehabilitation operations for an extractive site 6 15
21152 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of storing explosives for use 4 10
21156 Demonstrate knowledge of planning and managing extraction to minimise environmental impacts 5 15
21336 Lead a team to achieve a project outcome 5 8
23397 Plan and monitor performance of others 5 6
26855 Analyse Human Factors present in workplace practices at an extractive site 4 10
28796 Demonstrate knowledge of a social licence to operate for an extractive site 5 3
28982 Develop standard operating procedures for an extractive site 5 5
28983 Carry out the risk management process at an extractive site 5 10
29553 Demonstrate knowledge of CIMS related roles and Action Plan process in an incident 4 2
29554 Demonstrate situational awareness, action planning, and communication skills in an incident within a CIMS framework   4 2
30902 Demonstrate knowledge of extraction methods, and selection of plant and equipment for surface extraction 5 15
8905 Demonstrate knowledge of construction and maintenance of working surfaces at an extractive site 3 5
8909 Demonstrate knowledge of the maintenance of working surfaces at a surface extraction site 2 2
21153 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of dewatering, pump maintenance, and settling ponds at an extractive site 3 5
21154 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of procedures to minimise environmental impact at an extraction site 5 7
21155 Demonstrate knowledge of the management and use of water at an extractive site 4 7
28742 Explain legislation related to health and safety, and supporting documents, applicable to an extractive site 4 8
31091 Operate and maintain stockpiles and tip heads at extractive sites 4 8
31092 Demonstrate knowledge of conveyors, and crushing and screening plant for extractive industries 3 5
32158 Demonstrate basic knowledge of New Zealand’s Coordinated Incident
Management System
3 2

Further Study Paths

NZ Diploma in Quarry and Mining (Level 6)

Career Opportunities

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the Quarry and Mining industry with second line supervisors and managers who have a broad-base of technical expertise and skills in operational planning.
Holders of this qualification will have met the academic requirements to apply for an A Grade Quarry Managers Certificate of Competence. 

Graduates could be employed as:
  • Surface Mine Managers,
  • Quarry Managers,
  • WorkSafe Inspectors,
  • Quarry or Mine Quality Controllers

Entry Criteria

Applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Have completed a full year of relevant industry work prior to enrolling
  • Be currently working in the surface quarrying or mining industry, and are in a position of responsibility to access authority to work with organisation plans, procedures and staff leadership
  • Have their application reviewed by Tai Poutini Polytechnic staff with regard to the candidate being employed in a suitable industry position to complete the requirements of this programme
  • Have evidence of appropriate language competency if English is not the applicant’s first language of IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent) with no band below 5.0

Special Notes

Applicants outside of the above requirements may, in some circumstances, be considered by the Manager of Teaching and Learning.