West Coast likely to benefit from sector review

24 June 2019

Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) is expecting the West Coast to benefit from proposed changes to the tertiary education sector when final decisions are announced by the Minister of Education.

TPP has been supportive of the proposals since they were released for consultation earlier this year.

Chief Executive Alex Cabrera says the proposals offer some exciting opportunities for the West Coast, which faces challenges to the delivery of tertiary education largely due to geographical and population matters.

“We’ve known for some time that TPP needs to change in order to ensure the continued delivery of quality, sustainable tertiary education on the West Coast. Our own submission to the proposals focused on emphasising the potential benefits for the West Coast and included our desire to become one of the “early adopters” of change.

“While there has been some talk in the media over the weekend about what the final decision might include, I am conscious that the Minister has not yet made an announcement and the detail of his decision is not yet fully understood. However I have been encouraged by the minister’s comments about improving access to quality education in regional New Zealand.

“TPP is committed to making the most of what is ahead – both for our organisation and for the benefit of the wider region. The changes being considered now by the Minister have some potentially very positive outcomes for the West Coast, particularly around funding system changes, the likelihood there will be better access to a wider range of training courses, and the consolidation of various tertiary providers under one, united institute.

“Our aim is to ensure West Coasters continue to have access to quality training options and we believe the Minister’s proposals do this. Centralising some functions will likely lead to more efficient operations, however the proposals maintain a presence in the regions and this will ensure local people continue to have a say in the delivery of local tertiary education. Our focus needs to be the students and communities we represent.

“We are looking forward to learning the outcomes of the consultation when the Minister announces his decision in due course.

For more information contact:
Mequa Hourston, Leader – Engagement
DDI: 03 7699 405 | Mobile: 027 237 5844 | email: mequah@tpp.ac.nz