TPP students support Operation Tidy Fox


TPP student Aurum Stephenson (black cap facing camera) helps out during Operation Tidy Fox. 



TPP students Ben Keene (black cap in front) and Brayden Mattson (background) clear rubbish during Operation Tidy Fox.


Tai Poutini Polytechnic Outdoor Education students joined other volunteers to take part if Operation Tidy Fox last month.

Thirty‐two students travelled south at the end of July to support the clean‐up of the Fox River. The Department of Conservation is coordinating the clean‐up of the riverbed and coast downstream of the Fox Glacier landfill. The department has indicated that it expects Operation Tidy Fox, as the clean‐up is known, to be completed by mid‐August.

Outdoor Education Tutor Andrew Riley says it was an opportunity for students to contribute to the clean‐ up and have their eyes‐opened to a significant environmental situation on their door step.

“The students were eager to help out and contribute to the massive volunteer effort underway,” he says.

Students stayed overnight on Gillespie Beach so they would be ready bright and early to support the clean‐up efforts.

Student Angus Watson says sacks were filled time and time again, with all manner of rubbish cleared.

“I knew that there was going to be a lot of rubbish, but I would never have guessed there was that much especially this far into the clean‐up. It really opened up my eyes to how, even if you dispose of waste ‘properly’, it can still end up looking like food for a bird or fish, and that I need to be mindful of my plastic use,” Angus says.

TPP Leader – Engagement Mequa Hourston says the students put in a great effort on the clean‐up.

“TPP has a role to play in our local community and we encourage our staff and students to contributed to and support local activities. It was great to see our students out their making a real difference and learning first‐hand about a real environmental issue facing our community.”

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