Ready, set, study!

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You’ve done the hard bit – you’ve made the decision to start or continue studying in 2021. Congratulations on taking the next step toward your future career or dream job! Whether you’re a returning student, a first-time learner at tertiary level or you’re coming back to study after years on the job, there are some tips and tricks to learning that will help you get through the year with flying colours.

First of all – and most importantly – remember there’s always someone who can help. TPP, like most polytechnics, offers a range of student support services to help get you started, plan your study or get assistance with other life matters. You’ll also find your fellow students a great source of support and encouragement. You’re all in this together, after all; if you’re feeling nervous or concerned about something, chances are some of your classmates will be too.

Here are some more ideas to help you get the most of your study.

Plan, prepare and schedule
Whether you’re a full-time student or balancing study with other life priorities, the best thing you can do is schedule time to focus on your learning. This is not just class time, but certain times you block out to go over what you’re learning, work on assignments and prepare for exams. Get into a routine, chose a regular space and create good study habits.

Find out what works for you
There are all sorts of ways to study – you need to find the one that works best for you, or mix it up by trying a few different methods. Some people simply read material and take notes, others get a friend to help quiz them on topics, you can use visual aids like diagrams and flashcards, or try speaking out loud to cement the learning.

Fuel your mind and body
Looking after your health and wellbeing is good advice for anyone, particularly when you’re focused on study. Fuelling your mind and body with healthy foods, plenty of fruit and vegetables and water, and taking regular exercise will help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Focus on the job
With constant notifications and reminders, it’s easy to get distracted when you should be focusing on study. Turn off your emails and social media updates when you are studying. You’ll find you’re more focused and the job takes a lot less time.

Success in numbers
Talk to your classmates about assignments over coffee or form a study group. A little support and discussion with people going through the same thing will be beneficial for everyone.

Make it a marathon not a sprint
Procrastination is familiar to us all, but if you leave study and assignments to the last minute you’re not doing yourself justice. Put aside a little time regularly to progress your work – you’ll be surprised by how quickly your goal becomes closer.

It’s an exciting time, with great opportunities ahead. You’ve made the commitment to study, now you just have to give yourself the best chance to succeed. Good luck!