Deck the halls without the stress!

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Wow – what a year it’s been. We’re hurtling toward Christmas after one of the strangest 10 months most of us have ever been through. Covid-19 has changed many lives, made us reprioritise, re-think and, for many, revisit our career paths.

For some, Christmas has come as a welcome reprieve – we’ve heard of people putting their decorations up early to get in the holiday spirit, which is great! But for many, the idea of a big, busy Christmas might be just a bit much right now. And fair enough. But never fear, there are ways to celebrate the festive season without tying yourself up in knots. If you want to have a fun, relaxing time with family, but find the idea of hosting a big Christmas event daunting, here are a few ideas to think about.

Try something different
It’s been a year of firsts for many, so instead of the turkey and ham with all the trimmings, why not try something without the fuss this year. Kiwi Christmases are a great way to celebrate down under – think about a BBQ where everyone brings a salad, fish or seafood rather than a big cut, or a deli-style Christmas platter that you just have to put together on the day.

Share the load
If you’re hosting make sure you take up offers of help. Guests are always more than happy to bring something along, so just ask them! You could do the meat, and leave the sides to others. Equally, instead of decking the halls yourself, guests can bring crackers or other festive items.

Plan ahead
A list will help you get through a busy day – decided early what you want to do and write it down. Then you don’t have to think about what’s next on the big day. This works equally well for presents – don’t get sucked-in to the last-minute shopping dash where you overload; chose your gifts before you go out and stick to the list.

Everyone loves opening something on Christmas Day, but when the party gets bigger the event can be overwhelming. Secret Santas (with a top value) are a great way to see that everyone has a little something, without it becoming a big expense.

Resist perfection
It’s fair to say that very few people will notice that extra garland – or even if you’ve not had time to do the dusting. Try to do what’s “good enough” without aiming to be perfect. You’ll have a wonderful time with a little less worry.

Enjoy the day
With all the organising and planning, it’s easy to forget that it’s your Christmas too. Make sure you think of something that you’d like to do for yourself – and make it happen. A nice walk before eating, time to enjoy a new book or playing a game with family. Whatever gets you in the Christmas spirit, make it happen!

Merry Christmas from everyone at TPP. We’ve all had a huge year and we hope you enjoy a fun, relaxing break!