TPP Graduation


11 March 24
6:00 PM


316 Rutherglen Road
Rutherglen, Greymouth 7805,
New Zealand

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Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and after putting in a great effort, you’re about to graduate and head into the future.

TPP’s annual Graduation Ceremony is a formal and fun recognition of all the hard work you’ve put in to achieve your goals.

Join your friends and family to mark a truly special day in your life – whether you’re heading on to more study, taking the first steps in your chosen career, or tackling a new challenge, Graduation is an important day for you.

When and Where
Graduation Ceremony: 6.00pm (assemble 5.00pm)
Venue: Shantytown, 316 Rutherglen Road, Rutherglen, Greymouth

Once you have completed your qualification and been confirmed as eligible to graduate you will receive an email from TPP inviting you to register. You must register so we know whether you want to graduate in person or in absentia and how many guests you wish to invite. You also have the option to receive your award early and attend the graduation ceremony (where you will receive an empty envelope).

If you wish to either graduate in absentia or receive your award early, it will be posted to you. Please ensure we have your current address.

You can invite family and close friends. They must be seated in the hall no later than 5.30pm.

Graduation is a formal ceremony so please ensure you are wearing appropriate tidy dress.

Graduation Assembly and Procession
Assemble outside the Miners Hall by 5.00pm. Find your qualification sign (e.g. New Zealand Certificate in Automotive Engineering) and line up in alphabetical order as outlined in the graduation programme, which can be collected from the Graduation Marshals.

If the weather is wet assembly will happen in the conference rooms. This will be signposted and a TPP staff member will be directing people.

The Graduation Marshals are there to help you get in the right order to collect your qualification so please follow their instructions.

At the signal from the Graduation Marshals, keeping in order, you will proceed into the Miners Hall and into your seat for the ceremony to start.

If you do not arrive on time to get in line, your name may not be called out to graduate.

Graduation Ceremony
After the welcome and introductions, you will be called to receive your award. Marshals will direct you. File from your seat and wait to proceed to the stage.

When directed move up the steps and wait until your name is called to proceed across the stage and collect your award. You will be photographed at this point so remember to pause and smile.

Once you have received your award wait at the other end of the stage until your qualification group have all received their awards. You will leave as a group down the steps back to your seat.

Conclusion of Ceremony
Refreshments will be served onsite.

During refreshments there will be a chance to get some more professional photographs, including with friends and family. Copies of the photos will be available two weeks after graduation and you will receive an email with a link for free downloads.

Special Needs
If you or any of your guests have special mobility or access needs, please let us know by contacting us on 03 769 9649 or nearer the date.

Alcohol and drugs are not permitted at the ceremony. We also reserve the right to remove anyone who we believe to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Download a PDF of these guidelines