Reece Skewes

Engineering Graduate 2017

Programme attended: Mechanical Engineering (Level 3)

Reece Skewes learned the basics of engineering, developed his skills and got a foot in the door to a great job with Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s Engineering programme.

After working through automotive training once a week at the Trades Academy, Reece decided to switch focus to engineering. He signed-up for the Westport-based programme when he left school in 2017 with the aim of creating a better future.

“The tutor suggested I look for a part-time job on Fridays when there’s no study – so I went into a local firm, told the boss what I was doing and he agreed to take me on. I’m now working full-time; I hope to get started in an apprenticeship soon and get an even better career.

“The programme helped create better opportunities for me right here at home. It was definitely worth it – it was a really good programme. I learned how to weld and heaps of other techniques and I’ve already completed a lot of the book work I need for an apprenticeship.”