Jacqui McCallum

Automotive Graduate

Programme attended: Automotive Engineering (Level 3)

Giving up full-time work to pursue a career in the automotive industry was a big decision, but Jacqui McCallum says she made the right choice.

Jacqui graduated from TPP’s automotive programme with top results in 2017, and is now living her dream working on machinery for a large roading firm. She says she wouldn’t have got the job without the skills she learned at TPP and reckons her decision to study helped her create a better future.

“I was actually working full-time on a dairy farm, but I found the welding and tractor work was what I really loved doing. I had tried door-knocking a few automotive firms, but I wasn’t having much luck so I took a look at what the polytech had to offer.

“I pretty much knew I had made the right decision as soon as we were inducted into the workshop – I started getting really excited about the future.

“I was offered a job at the end of my work experience and I snapped that up pretty quickly. I’m working now on all sorts of transport and heavy machinery and my employer is really great.”

Jacqui says it was her training that helped get her the job and she’s pleased she made the right decision for her future.