Jacob Keiler

Engineering Student

Programme attended: Mechanical Engineering (Level 3)

From a fish and chip shop in Brisbane, to the prospect of an engineering career on the West Coast – Jacob Keiler says enrolling with Tai Poutini Polytechnic has created better opportunities for his future.

Jacob decided to pursue his interest in mechanical engineering when he moved from Australia to Westport with family. He joined TPP’s Mechanical Engineering programme and says the prospect of an apprenticeship with a local employer looks promising.

“Making that break and moving away gave me a reason to pursue a passion that I didn’t get to do at school. I’m six months into the training and, honestly, I’m loving it. The tutors are fantastic and the people are great too, I’ve already made friends and I’m settling in.”

Jacob says his tutors are putting him in touch with local employers and he’s keen to get started in the industry, complete his trade training and move up the ranks.

The training is great, even the theory is going well as the tutors work with you through it all. I’m feeling positive that I have a few more options for my future now.

“I’d say to anyone thinking of doing the training: just sign-up and get started. Even if you don’t end up doing what you thought you might, at least you’ll have learned the skills and you’ll be able to move ahead.”