Jack Brenmuhl

Carpentry Graduate

Programme attended: Carpentry (Level 3)

Jack Brenmuhl began his building apprenticeship this year with a head-start on theory requirements and a solid knowledge of tool work thanks to TPP’s Carpentry programme.

“I was lined-up to start my apprenticeship in 2019, but my boss told me I should do the TPP course first. It was a good choice – I got help with the theory and plenty more experience.”

Jack says, with the support of TPP tutors, he was able to take on the theory components of the apprenticeship more confidently and do much better overall.

“You can talk through it all and get a bit of help. I also found that, when I started my apprenticeship this year with Adam Berry Builders, I had more tool skills and a good understanding of the work site.”

He’s working on the new hospital build now and says the experience has been great. Right now, Jack is focused on completing his apprenticeship and growing the skills he learned first with TPP.

“The TPP Carpentry programme is really worthwhile for anyone thinking of doing it. Even if you’ve already been building for awhile and know some basics, it still sets you up with good skills – especially if you’re not good with the theory and writing side of things.”