Brad Robertson

Construction Graduate

Programme attended: Carpentry (Level 3)

“I’ve always wanted to be a builder since I was young. I left school at fifth form and the TPP programme was recommended to me by one of the teachers. Now I’ve done it I would definitely recommend it to anyone else wanting a career in building.

The programme was great because the classes were small and you get one on one training. You also often get three weeks of training and the polytechnic and then a week on the field getting first hand work experience with building companies. That’s how I got the job I’m in now with John Griffin Builder. I doubt I would have got the job if I didn’t have that behind me.

What I really liked about the programme was the practical element. Each year students get to build a house on site and in our year we actually got to build the student accommodation for TPP across the road, and that’s a permanent building.”