Claudia Mannering

Ski Patrol Graduate

Programme attended: Ski Patrol (Level 5)

Claudia Mannering always wanted to work in the mountains and says TPP’s Ski Patrol programme helped her head in the right direction.

After completing a Bachelor degree in environmental and earth science in 2015, Claudia decided to take a change in direction learn how to be a Ski Patroller.

“I’d heard about the TPP programme; I’d always skied and I loved being in the mountains. I thought this would be my best opportunity to create a better future doing what I loved.

“It was an awesome experience with a great group of people. When the snow arrived, we were out on the mountain, skiing and learning what it takes to work as a patroller.

“The TPP Ski Patrol programme definitely gets you ready for the job. The training got me into the industry and I’ve got better opportunities and better options ahead.”

Claudia went straight to a ski patrol job in the Canadian Southern Rockies after finishing her training in Wanaka. She spent two years there, bike patrolling in the summer season, and has returned home this year to a ski patrol job at Cardrona.

She says the TPP programme opened doors to her that wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t enrolled.

“When you get your first job, you’re so much more experienced and confident after completing the TPP training. Then you make connections and there are so many options for the future.

“Since the TPP training I’ve been able to work full-time ski and bike patrolling. I just love being in the mountains – going up there in the dark and watching the sun rise, knowing that we are doing our best to make sure everyone has a mean day on the hill.”