Paul MacMillan

Westroads Greymouth Manager

There are plenty of jobs on the West Coast for graduates of TPP’s Civil Plant programme, says Westroads Greymouth Manager Paul MacMillan.

“We’re under the pump at the moment and I’m looking for staff right now. The benefit to us in taking on TPP graduates is that they’ve got some of those basic skills and licences that mean we can get them working straight away. 

Paul has a good working relationship with TPP and takes students for work experience, offering them jobs whenever he can. He says there’s always work for talented graduates who are committed to the job – and there are plenty of options to move up in the industry and create a better future for themselves.

“If you’re interested in working in the civil infrastructure industry, you can really go anywhere. The pay is pretty good and there are plenty of ways to create better career opportunities. 

“When we have new people start at Westroads I tell them they should all be aiming to take my job one day. They might not always get there, but we spend time and money to help people develop and get better in the job. 

“We support the Polytechnic as a local industry because it benefits us if we can get people from the course. I have an aging workforce so I’m looking to get younger people through the doors and get experience for the future.”

Paul knows more than most about the benefits of training to get ready for work. It was his job to set up TPP’s Civil Plant programme – commonly known as the Digger School – back in the early 2000s.

“The concept was to set up a facility to train people to fill jobs in the local industry. I moved here with my family for the job and I really enjoyed my time at the Digger School. I still have a great relationship with the tutors and work closely with them to find good workers.”