Bradley Stanger

Culinary Arts Tutor

From a starring role in television’s What Now, to London’s top restaurants and exclusive Australian resorts, former Coaster Brad Stanger is now returning home to share his experience with a new batch of budding chefs.

Brad is Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s new Culinary Arts Tutor. He’s excited about sharing his love of food and focus on health and wellness with students and the wider community to help create better futures for everyone. 

“It’s been great working with my students and getting back to the basics – boiling, poaching and steaming – and teaching them what can be done with these simple methods of cookery.

“There are some great opportunities out there for careers in the food industry and my aim is to help students prepare for better jobs and better outcomes.”

Since completing the TPP cooking programme in the 1990s Bradley has worked for Richard Corrigan and Paul Merritt in London’s top eateries, travelled Europe and spent the last decade in Australia.

His experience has opened his eyes to the importance of our food to overall health and wellbeing. He says he has a “SLOW” food philosophy: Seasonal, Local, Organic, and Wholefoods, and his focus is on nutrition, physical fitness and sourcing the best seasonal produce to inspire his meals.

It was family that eventually drew Bradley back home. “I’m also looking forward to getting back into the outdoors – fishing and hunting – as well as learning more about the local food scene and working together with the great people of the mighty West Coast,” he says.