Nathan Rakels

Arts and Design Graduate

Programme attended: Hard Stone and Jade Carving (Level 5)

Nathan Rakels came to TPP’s jade carving programme with a desire to learn a skill and find a channel for his creativity. Just over two years on he’s found his artistic outlet and enjoys sharing his passion with friends, family and the public.

Nathan graduated from the Diploma in Jade and Hard Stone Carving in 2019. He’s now living in Tokoroa, selling his work at the local market and plans to enter his course work in the ECC NZ Student Craft/Design Awards.

“I really did enjoy the programme, particularly the learning process and the fact that it was okay to make mistakes. As well as the technical skills, I enhanced my problem-solving and communications skills, along with my design and sketching.

“I’m chuffed that I’m able to create beautiful, well-constructed pieces of art and I’m happiest while I’m at work. While didn’t intend to make a career out of carving, I’m really happy that I’m selling a few pieces at the market and gifting them to friends and family.

“I’d say to anyone thinking of enrolling: come with an open mind and be prepared to give it a go and learn. You’ll take away something very worthwhile at the end.”