Ana Krakosky

Art and Design Graduate

Programme attended: Hard Stone and Jade Carving (Level 3)

Flexible study options at Tai Poutini Polytechnic and a determination to succeed helped Ana Krakosky launch a successful jewellery business while still studying Jade and Hard Stone Carving.

Ana enrolled while working as a high school hard materials teacher. She juggled responsibilities with the support of her tutor and employer and focused on her dream of a creative career.

“Enrolling in the carving programme for me was about a lifestyle change: I’ve always worked really hard but I wanted to do something more for myself.

 “I’ve always loved working with materials and I’d done some silver-smithing before, so the jade carving made sense; I particularly loved the connection to the West Coast. The training gave me the practical skills I needed and I was motivated to turn that into a business.”

Ana began her jewellery business, Jade and Form, while finishing the carving diploma. She credits hard work, flexible work and learning options and motivation with making it happen.

 “I now supply a dozen galleries around the country and my goal is to grow that to the point where I can make a living for myself and my family entirely through my business.

 “I really enjoyed the programme; I love learning and mastering new materials. You also need to work hard and be motivated to make your dreams happen.”