Ashley Millar

Agriculture Graduate

Programme attended: Agriculture (Dairy Farming) (Level 3)

Ashley Millar says TPP’s Agriculture programme gave him all the skills and contacts he needed to get a job doing what he loves.

“I left school when I was pretty young and it was when I went to stay on my sister’s diary farm for a week that I realised what I wanted to do. I helped out with the milking and farm work and straight away I knew that was for me.

“The training was great; the way it’s set up, with two days a week on the polytech farm in Reefton makes a huge difference. You’re not just learning what to do, but how to do it as well. The hands-on work is a better way of learning.”

Ashley says he loved every part of his training and believes the skills and knowledge he gained have helped him succeed on the job and create better opportunities for his future.

“I was able to get a job pretty much straight away and the training meant I could get right into the work from day one. It’s a fantastic job, I love working with animals and every day is different. I really feel like I’m achieving something every day.

“I wouldn’t have got this job without the TPP training – employers are looking to see that you have that basic knowledge and can get started right away. You’ve definitely got a better chance of getting work if you have the skills.”