TPP and Westland Milk Products explore new partnership

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Opportunities for new West Coast training programmes that directly meet the needs of the dairy industry are being explored by Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) and Westland Milk Products.

TPP Chief Executive Alex Cabrera says initial discussions with Westland have identified various opportunities for working together.

“We want to ensure we are delivering relevant, quality tertiary education and vocational training programmes that meet the needs of West Coast businesses and students. Taking the time to talk with local industry representatives and discuss their needs is an important part of TPP’s future.

“Westland and TPP have agreed on a number of ways the Polytechnic can potentially support the business. We’ve got more work to do to pursue the options, but I’m excited about what could be achieved.

“The aim is to meet the needs of a local business and boost enrolments at TPP – a win‐win for both organisations. Beyond this, there are broader benefits for the regional economy as we look to partner with Westland and other industry leaders in similar ways,” he says.

Westland General Manager People and Safety Caro Findlay says the company has a range of staff training requirements, most of which are being met through consultant trainers or training institutes elsewhere in New Zealand.

“If there were local options for training we would likely be able to offer more development opportunities to staff and increase our training levels throughout the business.

“Westland Milk Products puts a strong emphasis on health and safety practices and quality assurance. These are areas where we train hundreds of staff each year. In addition, we select a handful of staff to attend a more in‐depth, North Island‐based, training programme. If a similar programme existed on the West Coast we could consider offering the development option to more staff and to those whose home commitments make it difficult to travel.

“It’s been great to have these initial discussions with the Polytechnic. The outcome could benefit our two organisations and the wider region and its people.”

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