TPP Polytechnic Supports Save-a-Life Project


Polytechnic Supports Save-a-life Project

Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s Greymouth campus is the latest place to benefit from the Safe‐a‐Life Project – a charity partnership to place heart‐reviving defibrillators at locations around the West Coast.

The AED defibrillator was recently installed in the Polytechnic’s Greymouth campus, becoming the ninth regional location including the Regent Theatre, Blackball, Kaiata, Kumara, Runanga, Taylorville, Nelson Creek and a ‘mobile’ unit now cruising the district in the Greymouth Police primary patrol car. The project has also assisted with acquiring AEDs and CPR/AED training, provided by St John, for all of these townships. Paroa School and Blaketown already had 24/7 accessible defibrillators, contributing to an impressive network across the district.

The objective of the Save‐a‐Life project, a collaboration between the Polytechnic, Greymouth Rotary and St John Greymouth and with the support of local businesses, was to make Greymouth ‘the safest place in New Zealand to have a heart attack’. Emphasis was on helping townships some distance from the St John Ambulance headquarters in Greymouth.

Funding for the project was raised through the construction and auction of a relocatable home built by Polytechnic students and tutors, with fantastic support from local businesses.

Polytechnic Chief Executive Alex Cabrera says the Institute’s ongoing collaboration with Rotary charity projects is a great example of the West Coast working together for the good of its people.

“We’re proud to support the Save‐a‐life project and especially grateful to all the local businesses and suppliers who get behind our carpentry student house project each year,” he says.

Rotary President Catherine Moffatt says the Save‐a‐Life project has been hugely successful despite delays caused by Covid lockdowns and social distancing impacting delivery of CPR/AED training sessions.

“While it took more than two years, the Rotary‐led project has now gifted 24/7 accessible defibrillators to Greymouth and towns throughout the Grey District, and around 1,000 people in the District have received CPR/AED training through the great work of St John. We are delighted to continue our Rotary/Tai Poutini Polytechnic collaboration to bring significant benefits to the community.”


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