Paroa School William Pike Challenge

20170608 121207

Students and teachers of Paroa School and Tai Poutini Polytechnic have been making a splash in the West Coast outdoors recently as another year of the William Pike Challenge rolls-out.

During June, Paroa students took part in an overnight rafting trip on the Grey River and a day out on sea kayaks, let by TPP students and tutors. The William Pike Challenge aims to get school children into the outdoors and learn a new skill, hobby or sport of the course of a year.

Paroa teacher Andrew Sinton-White says the school has been involved in the programme with TPP for four years and the students love getting out in the outdoors. His Room 12 pupils write a blog about their experiences, and say:

“I had heard so many good things about this overnight rafting trip everyone I had talked to says it was one of their favourite challenges in the whole William Pike program and man do I agree, It was EPIC,” - Mya.

“If I could explain rafting in 3 words they would be... Freezing, Amazing and fun,” – Tess.

The challenge is a great way for TPP to work with the wider community and help local school kids learn outdoor skills in a fun environment.

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