Paddy Hill Graduation Gown

Jack Mathews Graduation 1937 2A heirloom graduation gown that has been passed down through four generations made its latest appearance at the recent MAINZ Bachelor in Audio Engineering and Production graduation ceremony.

Graduate Paddy Hill, 23, says wearing the gown that originally belonged to his great-grandfather made his capping ceremony that much more special.

“My great-grandfather, who went on to be a Reverand, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Otago University in 1937. Since then, his gown has also been worn by my great uncle and my mum, who graduated from Lincoln University in 1987.

“Mum always kept the gown and I know she hoped that I’d get to wear it one day. It definitely made the day more special, knowing I was carrying that history with me when I graduated. I looked a little different – the older gown is heavier and bulkier – and I needed to get the right hood, but my classmates thought it was a nice touch.”

Paddy completed the MAINZ degree in 2016, after first enrolling in the Certificate and Diploma programmes. He says studying for his Bachelor’s degree was a big undertaking, but it was worth all the extra effort and commitment.

“I’ve now got a great job at Roundhead Studios in Auckland and I know I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the degree and the doors that MAINZ opened to me. It was hard work to get here, but worth every minute.

“I’m really enjoying working here right now and my goal is to take this experience and travel overseas to work with international artists and producers all around the world.”