Outdoor challenges pushes students to limits

Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) outdoor education students are learning what it takes to survive in the outdoors.

Students recently completed the annual Outdoor Adventure Race - a highlight of the academic year, but one that often takes its toll.

Outdoor Education Tutor Phil Johnston-Coates says the much-anticipated overnight race once again pushed students to the limit.

This year’s race included running, rafting, biking, a rogaine challenge and a written quiz, while students negotiated an overnight camp at Lake Kaniere. Phil says the Outdoor Adventure Race pushes students to their limits every year.

“This is a really good test of what they are capable of – we want to teach these students to be calm under pressure and to be able to stay comfortable in situations that most people could not handle. The overnight nature of the race means people are tired, pushing themselves to their physical limits and needing to focus on the details to succeed.

“Team work is essential and this is where true leadership skills start to show. There were a few meltdowns overnight but the teams got through and the race was a resounding success. The results clearly showed that, in the outdoors, a champion team will always triumph over a team of champions.”

Details on TPP’s Outdoor Education programmes can be found online at www.tpp.ac.nz/outdoor