Music school event ‘on an epic scale’

A three‐stage venue was packed to the walls this week as hundreds turned out to support the MAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand) end of year showcase.

The ‘MAINZ Arcade’ event featured assessment performances from more than 40 solo and group artists, ranging from Foundation students to those graduating at degree level.

Programme Manager Kingsley Melhuish says that the event, held at Whammy Bar and The Winecellar, in the iconic St Kevin’s Arcade on Auckland’s Karangahape Road, is comparable to a music festival, and that as an educational experience, it is hard to beat.

“For our students, MAINZ Arcade provides a fertile environment for students to grow their creativity. They feed off each other, learning from those outside of their own cohort and musical genre, and finish their academic year on a real high.

“It was remarkable to see the contrast between the students’ performances earlier in the year, and this end of year event, with outstanding growth in both confidence and skill,” he says.

This is the second time the school has held the MAINZ Arcade event, and Kingsley says it is beginning to get noticed.

“We kicked this event off to provide a rich opportunity for students, so that they could gain the experience of both playing to large audiences and learning from their peers. However, we’re attracting attention from across the industry, with a few talent scouts in attendance this time. They’re looking for those stand out students, and some of our students are already developing contracts with record labels,” he says.

MAINZ offers audio, music production and music performance programmes as well as event management, and students were responsible for setting up and managing their areas of expertise for the event.

“For these guys, it was just like creating an epic scale music festival, with 42 acts across two venues and three stages. It’s a complex project, and requires excellent team work and communication skills. The students really had their work cut out for them, to get the three stages operational and run the six‐hour show,” says Kingsley.

“The strong support of the students’ friends and whanau, is testament to the hard work they have all put in during the year. It was wonderful to see it all come to fruition.”

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