MAINZ to transfer to Southern Institute of Technology

Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s (TPP) Music and Audio Institute of NZ (MAINZ) will transfer to the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) early next year, as TPP continues on its journey towards ensuring quality, sustainable local tertiary vocational training for the West Coast.

Discussions have been underway between the two polytechnics since the end of November, with staff and union consultation completed over the past two weeks.

Tai Poutini Polytechnic Chief Executive, Alex Cabrera, says the transfer is in the best interests of students, staff, and the West Coast.

“We are reviewing all our activity to ensure we are doing the right things - including whether we are the right organisation to be delivering some of our programmes. The focus for TPP is on ensuring sustainable, quality education for the West Coast that makes a contribution to the local economy. While the MAINZ programme fit the first of these two criteria, there are other industries more relevant to the West Coast that we need to focus on.”

Mr Cabrera says SIT is well placed to take over MAINZ.

“It has similar programmes already, SIT already has campuses in Christchurch and Auckland (where MAINZ is based), and it is a long-established, high-quality provider with a strong track record.”

MAINZ staff will receive offers of employment from SIT over the next few days. Once accepted, they will transfer to SIT.

Students already enrolled with MAINZ will have their enrolment transferred to SIT automatically. Those signing up for MAINZ courses in 2018 will be enrolled with SIT. Students will not notice any day to day differences.

The transfer will officially happen on January 31 2018, however TPP and SIT will continue to work together for as long as is required to ensure a smooth handover.

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