MAINZ Arcade

MAINZ Arcade 21 November

St Kevins Arcade takes on a festival feel at MAINZ Arcade featuring more than 30 artists from MAINZ (Music + Audio Institute of New Zealand) performing live music next month.

A multi-stage feast, MAINZ Arcade will showcase performances from EMP to Rock, RnB to Thrash, as well as emerging genres. An evening of music spread across three stages and two venues will turn out music for everyone. “This is the future of NZ music, it’s exciting to showcase the wealth of talent borne of MAINZ (Music + Audio Institute of New Zealand) says Programme Manager Kingsley Melhuish

MAINZ Arcade
22nd June 2017
Free entry
Doors 6:30pm open
Event begins 7pm until late.
Whammy Bar (2 stages) and the Winecellar
St Kevins Arcade, 183 Karangahape Road, Auckland