Building international relationships and encouraging overseas investment in local education are key priorities for Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) in 2015.

TPP Director International Strategic Development Sue Allard says international partnerships benefit both the Polytechnic and the local economy by introducing overseas institutions, students and their families to the region, as well as creating connections to overseas businesses and partners.

“For some years now we have been reaching out to our international partners and we have already built a number of relationships with institutions across mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States and South America. This year, we’re building on our existing relationships in these countries and pursuing opportunities in other countries including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Korea.

“The Government has made the development of international partnerships one of its priorities for polytechnics and universities in New Zealand. Its Tertiary Education Strategy makes it clear that, as one of the country’s biggest export earners, international education helps improve the learning environment at home as well as opening doors to overseas businesses and opportunities for students.”

Tai Poutini Polytechnic has a diversified international strategy which aims to increase international student numbers to meet both Government and Polytechnic needs. Its goals are to: increase revenue streams and create additional profit; build inter-cultural understanding and knowledge of the international community and a sense of global citizenship among TPP students and staff; and develop higher-level programmes.  In order to achieve these goals TPP has a range of international projects underway, some of which focus on bringing students to New Zealand (Greymouth, Christchurch and Auckland) and some on specialist provision overseas.

The full media release can be read here.