Horticulture programme contributes to green economy focus

A new horticulture training programme, aimed at those looking to turn their interest in growing into a career, is one of the first to be offered by Tai Poutini Polytechnic through the new West Coast
Conservation Training and Employment Hub.

The Westport‐based programme starts in July and offers flexible learning options in partnership with the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. Covering the basics for growing plants from seeds, propagation, soil management, pest and weed control, pruning and landscaping, the programme is aimed at those looking to start a career in the horticulture industry, or people who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

And even better: learners enrolling in the programme are eligible for free fees under the Government’s Covid‐19 recovery fund.

Manager Teaching and Learning Peter O’Sullivan says it is a ideal learning option for those who are looking to begin their learning journey or to become more self‐sufficient or feed themselves and their whānau off their own land.

“The new programme is linked to our Conservation Training and Employment Hub, which supports the evolution of a nature centred economy on the West Coast. With issues of climate change, geographic isolation and the cost of living all having an impact on West Coasters, the idea of becoming more selfsustainable
is gaining more and more traction.

“This new horticulture programme will get your green fingers working whether you want to grow vegetables at home or pursue a career on the land. There are part‐time study options also so you can learn around your own work and whānau commitments and gain a deeper understanding of how to grow
and sustain yourself.

“This is an introductory programme however there are plenty of future career options that those wanting to go further could pursue, including landscape design, become an arborist, or getting started in the nursey or fruit and vegetable growing industries. Whatever you want to achieve, the NZ Certificate in
Horticulture help start you on your journey.”

Through a partnership with the Open Polytechnic, Tai Poutini Polytechnic is offering this programme on the West Coast with the flexibility of on‐line learning combined with face to face teaching sessions.

“It’s really the best of both worlds with support and encouragement from our tutors as well as online and flexible learning options that will help you to follow your career goals or simply learn to live better off the land.”

For more information contact:
Mequa Hourston, Leader – Engagement
DDI: 03 7699 405 | Mobile: 027 237 5844 | email: mequah@tpp.ac.nz