Coast Connect proves popular with employers and job seekers

10 June 2019

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With more than 130 jobs available and new opportunities being created every day, Coast Connect is becoming a great way for Coast people to connect with Coast businesses.

Coast Connect was launched a month ago to create opportunities for Coasters to connect and share job and training opportunities.

Already, the website has more than 130 jobs listed across a huge range of industries including: Dairy Farm Assistant, Mechanic, Health Assistant, Service Manager, Integrated Pharmacist, Chef, Swim School Tutor, Employment Consultant, Ranger, Project Manager, Administrator, Branch Manager, Midwife, Nurse, Teacher, Cleaner, Guide, Carpenter, Waitress, Truck Driver, Electrician. The list goes on and on!

Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools Business Manager Ashley Cassin is looking forward to using Coast Connect as they business heads into the busy spring and summer season.

“The focus on Coasters getting jobs in Coast businesses is a great concept and we’re keen to support it. Annually we’re looking for staff across our business units and we’ll certainly be using Coast Connect as we head into the busy season”.

“We really support the idea of a West Coast-focused service, as we’re always keen to hire good, local people who have the right skills and a solid knowledge of the region”.

“The fact that the team behind Coast Connect is there to help us find the right people is another bonus, as is the system’s ability to support both employee and employer through the process” he says.

In addition to listing jobs in the region, the team behind Coast Connect is working with both job seekers and employers to help create connections.

TPP Chief Executive Alex Cabrera says the concept is all about creating relationships and providing a platform to help West Coasters succeed.

“Our people work with employers and job seeker to identify opportunities, and also to see where, with a little training, an individual might be ready for a specific job vacancy."

“Coast Connect was created to help fill a gap in the region, where we too often see people leaving to look for jobs elsewhere. We know there are great jobs available on the Coast, so we’re bringing people together and helping them to connect.”

“The more people we get registered on the site and sharing opportunities, the more successful the concept becomes. We encourage all Coasters – not just those actively looking for a new job – to sign up and keep an eye on the opportunities out there. You never know when something great might come up.”

Designed specifically for the West Coast, the people behind Coast Connect are hands-on and will work with people across the region to get results. The concept is straight-forward: job seekers indicate their interests and skills. Businesses advertise job vacancies. Coast Connect works with everyone to create connections or suggest training opportunities that get people ready for work.

For more information contact:
Mequa Hourston, Leader - Engagement
DDI: 03 7699 405 | Mobile: 027 237 5844 | email: