Polytechnic graduates snap‐up jobs with Coast builders

30 April 2019

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Community leaders are calling on West Coasters to get behind a new concept that connects job seekers with local jobs and training opportunities. Coast Connect goes live today (Tuesday 30 April) and it’s changing the way Coasters look for jobs and businesses look for staff. 

Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) is launching the web app to address a clear need in the region. TPP Chief Executive Alex Cabrera says Coast Connect is special because it is all about building relationships and it’s designed to meet West Coast needs.

“We know young people are leaving the region to look for jobs elsewhere. At the same time, Coast businesses are crying out for skilled employees.

“Through Coast Connect, TPP can bring these people together. What makes it different to other sites is that we get involved, working with both job
seekers and employers to identify skills gaps and suggest training opportunities that get them ready for the job.”

Designed specifically for the West Coast, the people behind Coast Connect are hands-on and will work with people across the region to get results. The concept is straight-forward: job seekers indicate their interests, experiences and skills. Businesses indicate their objectives and advertise job vacancies. 

Coast Connect works with everyone to create connections based on interest, values and experiences or suggest training opportunities that get people ready for work. West Coast community leaders are supporting Coast Connect and encouraging people to get involved.

Development West Coast Board Chair Renee Rooney says she sees massive potential in the Coast Connect concept. “Locals, new residents, seasonal workers or Coasters coming home have a central point to see what’s happening. We’re growing business to grow the Coast, and this app is a valuable part of that.”

West Coast Regional Council Chair Andrew Robb says the Coast is changing and this means new opportunities every day. “Coast Connect is an easy way to tap into what’s going on. Businesses can find the people they’re looking for and Coasters can find the skills to start a new future.” Buller District Mayor Garry Howard says the success of Coast Connect will be the people who get behind it. “If our employers, businesses, young people and job seekers participate, this could be a fantastic tool for the future.”

Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn says: “The West Coast has turned a corner – we need plumbers, electricians, builders, the lot. An app that connects local people, training opportunities and local jobs is a great thing for the Coast.” Westland District Mayor Bruce Smith says local businesses can’t get enough skilled workers and he’s looking forward to seeing Coast Connect reach out and get people ready for real jobs on the West Coast.

Coast Connect is available at www.coastconnect.nz

For more information contact:
Mequa Hourston, Leader – Engagement
DDI: 03 7699 405 | Mobile: 027 237 5844 | email: mequa@coastconnect.nz