Orientation week

15 Jan 2018

Greymouth Orientation Week February 12 - 16 2018 Monday 12 February                                                       9.30 - 10.00am *Powhiri* in Atrium 12.00 - 1.00pm *BBQ lunch* in Atrium Tuesday 13 February 12.00 - 1.00pm Enrolment finalising/Student Services *Lunch* in Atrium (opportunity for students to finalise their enrolment – photos for ID’s, acceptance letters, StudyLink, Fees Free info, Counselling info etc.) Thursday 15 February   1.15 - 4.00(ish) *Inter Programme Challenge* followed by BBQ   Friday 16 February *Chinese New Year Celebration:* 1:00 – 4:00pm in Atrium. An interactive event celebrating and showcasing Chinese culture in the form of dance, calligraphy, martial arts, tea ceremony and more. In collaboration with the Confucius Institute – Canterbury University and New Coasters. Sunday 18 February *Greymouth Rotary Street Fair:* 4:00 - 7:00pm in Greymouth Town Square (Food and craft stalls and live music). All week 12 - 16 February *$8.50 movie entry at...

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Enrolment Day

21 Dec 2017

2018 Enrolment Day A4Poster Web

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MAINZ to transfer to Southern Institute of Technology

12 Dec 2017

MAINZ to transfer to Southern Institute of Technology Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s (TPP) Music and Audio Institute of NZ (MAINZ) will transfer to the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) early next year, as TPP continues on its journey towards ensuring quality, sustainable local tertiary vocational training for the West Coast. Discussions have been underway between the two polytechnics since the end of November, with staff and union consultation completed over the past two weeks. Tai Poutini Polytechnic Chief Executive, Alex Cabrera, says the transfer is in the best interests of students, staff, and the West Coast. “We are reviewing all our activity to ensure we are doing the right things - including whether we are the right organisation to be delivering some of our programmes. The focus for TPP is on ensuring sustainable, quality education for the West Coast that makes a contribution to the local economy. While the MAINZ programme fit the first of these two criteria, there are other industries more relevant to the West Coast that we need to focus on.” Mr Cabrera says SIT is well placed to take over MAINZ. “It has similar programmes already, SIT already has campuses in Christchurch and Auckland (where MAINZ is based), and it is a long-established, high-quality provider with a...

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Giant whale and jadestone wave sold on TradeMe

11 Dec 2017

Giant whale and jadestone wave sold on TradeMe The bidding wars are over and two Tai Poutini Polytechnic (TPP) student sculptures are now on their way to new homes. Jade and Hard Stone Carving Certificate students spent more than 120 hours crafting their limestone sculptures, which were auctioned online via Trademe. Rivalling any child in size, the limestone sculptures of a giant whale and wave attracted a raft of bidders, with the final pieces selling for $505 and $999 respectively. Tai Poutini Polytechnic General Manager Dr Teresa Schwellnus says the successful auctions have been a great confidence boost for the students, who have enjoyed having their art appreciated off-campus. “We are extremely proud of them. From the feedback we’ve received, the community is eager to see what we do next.” Whale The limestone whale was designed and carved by students Annie Inwood, Monique Reekers, Anthony Wetere-Sweet, Hector Tainui and Veronica Salas. The students based their artwork on the four elements, fire, earth, air and water, to carefully reflect key messages of Maoridom. The piece sold for $505, while the 650kg Te wahi pounamu (The Place of Pounamu) was purchased by a Christchurch buyer for $999. 673810884 The wave-like creation from students Storm Cameron, Francey-J Kara, Nikita Stevenson, Stefan Sheffield, and Vicky Dawson...

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Music school event ‘on an epic scale’

24 Nov 2017

Music school event ‘on an epic scale’ A three‐stage venue was packed to the walls this week as hundreds turned out to support the MAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand) end of year showcase. The ‘MAINZ Arcade’ event featured assessment performances from more than 40 solo and group artists, ranging from Foundation students to those graduating at degree level. Programme Manager Kingsley Melhuish says that the event, held at Whammy Bar and The Winecellar, in the iconic St Kevin’s Arcade on Auckland’s Karangahape Road, is comparable to a music festival, and that as an educational experience, it is hard to beat. “For our students, MAINZ Arcade provides a fertile environment for students to grow their creativity. They feed off each other, learning from those outside of their own cohort and musical genre, and finish their academic year on a real high. “It was remarkable to see the contrast between the students’ performances earlier in the year, and this end of year event, with outstanding growth in both confidence and skill,” he says. This is the second time the school has held the MAINZ Arcade event, and Kingsley says it is beginning to get noticed. “We kicked this event off to provide a rich opportunity for students, so that they could gain the experience of both playing to large...

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MAINZ Arcade

20 Nov 2017

MAINZ Arcade MAINZ Arcade 21 November St Kevins Arcade takes on a festival feel at MAINZ Arcade featuring more than 30 artists from MAINZ (Music + Audio Institute of New Zealand) performing live music next month. A multi-stage feast, MAINZ Arcade will showcase performances from EMP to Rock, RnB to Thrash, as well as emerging genres. An evening of music spread across three stages and two venues will turn out music for everyone. “This is the future of NZ music, it’s exciting to showcase the wealth of talent borne of MAINZ (Music + Audio Institute of New Zealand) says Programme Manager Kingsley Melhuish *MAINZ Arcade* 22nd June 2017 Free entry Doors 6:30pm open Event begins 7pm until late. Whammy Bar (2 stages) and the Winecellar St Kevins Arcade, 183 Karangahape Road, Auckland

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West Coast students carving out a niche in Jade Exhibition

7 Nov 2017

West Coast students carving out a niche in Jade Exhibition Prominent greenstone and stone sculptures which move, ornate animals, flutes, wind chimes, traditional pieces and abstract carvings are all part of a unique exhibition opening in Greymouth. The annual Tai Poutini Polytechnic Exhibition showcases the creations of the polytechnic’s Jade and Hard Stone Carving students. It will be held at the Left Bank Gallery from 10‐24 November 2017. Carving Tutor Sheree Warren says this year there are a huge variety of works from the students, each one distinctively different and personal. “The students have spent hundreds of hours crafting their pieces and have all done an amazing job. The exhibition includes a range of work ‐ from stunning realistic animal sculptures, right through to some original ornate pieces and conceptual carvings. Each piece is really unique.” “They’re excited. This is what the students have been working up to. They’ve spent a lot of time learning the base technical skills, problem solving and the design process. It can be an unforgiving craft so there is a lot of pre‐thought and preparation in carving these pieces.” Sheree Warren says two large unique limestone carvings, created by the students, will feature prominently at the exhibition’s opening night. “Because they don’t fit inside the exhibition we can...

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Girls Rock Camp Aotearoa launching at MAINZ Auckland Campus

5 Nov 2017

Girls Rock Camp Aotearoa launching at MAINZ Auckland Campus Girls Rock Camp NZ

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MAINZ contribution to youth mental health

2 Nov 2017

MAINZ contribution to youth mental health The Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand has played a critical role in the development of a new youth resource which tackles the subject of mental illness stigma and discrimination. The Foundation Music and Audio tutors stepped into roles as mental health promoters as the first teaching staff in NZ to run these activities. Conversations for Change is a set of five downloadable activities designed to be used by teachers, youth workers and others working with groups of 15-24-year olds. It aims to encourage young people to reach out for support and to look out for each other while “myth-busting” ideas around mental illness. A development version of the resource was used as a pilot with the Foundation class in February of this year, while tutors ran activities designed to encourage empathy and critical thinking about the area of mental distress.  “What I found interesting [about the resource] is accepting and supporting and respecting others on who they are and whatever culture they come from.”  responded one student participant. “I was surprised to find the students responded to it as mature young adults,” adds Foundation tutor Harry Champion, “I think it's a credit to the resource and activities that...

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Outdoor students prepare for real-world jobs

27 Oct 2017

Outdoor students prepare for real-world jobs Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s Diploma in Outdoor Instruction and Guiding students have had the chance to dream big and lead a real-world expedition thanks to the support of a local sponsor. Earlier this year, students wrote expedition proposals for a gruelling outdoor trip somewhere in New Zealand. They then pitched the ideas to their TPP tutors, fellow students and an external sponsor and the best idea was selected to become a reality. Lead tutor Zak Shaw says well-known Kiwi solo sea kayaker Paul Caffyn, who lives on the West Coast, sponsored two expeditions in 2016 and had backed another one this year. The expedition proposals were presented in August, and the winning proposal was funded and took place earlier this month. OE Expedition Image Photo left to right: Diploma in Outdoor Instruction and Guiding Programme Coordinator Zak Shaw, Student Nathan Stead, Expedition Leader Kristy Williamson, Student Kevin Burgess, Expedition Grant Sponsor Paul Caffyn. Winning student Kristy Williamson says she was “stoked” to have her proposal selected from amongst the entries. She, along with two fellow students and a support crew, completed a multi-pursuit challenge in early October taking them from the Nelson Lakes through to the Old Ghost Road. “It was an amazing opportunity to complete a...

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