The 7 Ps of Marketing

23 Mar 2017

The 7 Ps of Marketing The ‘7 Ps’ provide a useful framework to think about marketing strategies. The 7 Ps of Marketing Here are two to get you started: *Product (and services)* Customers look for products or services to meet their needs and hopefully provide answers to their problems. The challenge for the business is to continuously improve and update products and services through innovation. The ability to be able to offer ‘something new’ or ‘something different’ is important. The Coca-Cola bottle stood out from the crowd by its shape and the fact that it was easier to hold. Businesses need to be able to describe their product or service clearly and concisely to be well understood by customers: “robot vacuum cleaner”, “accounting services for small businesses” and “Wild foods” are examples. *People* For any business and particularly service businesses, customer perceptions are very much influenced by the people providing the service. Staff need good knowledge of the product(s) or service(s) being offered or undertaken. Professional attitude and interpersonal communication skills are vital. Many organisations use ‘corporate dress’ or branded uniform clothing to help build the business image. The challenge to meet and beat the competition is ever greater. Attention to these two Ps is a good starting point when thinking about marketing...

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Make the right decisions – Pareto can help!

16 Mar 2017

Make the right decisions – Pareto can help! When you’re about to make a big decision or change in your business, it’s worthwhile giving it some extra thought. A Pareto Analysis is essentially a tool that you can use to analyse which potential changes to your business will result in the greatest benefits. Vilfredo Pareto was an Italian economist who noted that approximately 80% of a society’s wealth was owned by only 20% of the population. Otherwise known as the 80:20 rule, the Pareto Effect also notes that 20% of the work typically generates 80% of the benefit. How can you make it work for you? Step 1: Create a list of the changes you could make to the way you do your work. Step 2: Score the changes. The scoring method you use will depend on the sort of problem you are facing. If, for example, you are trying to improve profitability, you would score options on the basis of how much profit each option would generate. If you were trying to improve customer satisfaction, you might score on the number of complaints eliminated by each change. The first change to tackle is the one with the highest score, as it will give you the biggest benefit if...

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The right employment agreement for the job

9 Mar 2017

The right employment agreement for the job Deciding to hire staff on a casual, fixed term or permanent basis will depend on the nature of your business. Knowing the difference and understanding the legal requirements will help you make the right decision. This is often confusing, especially if you want staffing flexibility. A causal employee is one who “has no guaranteed hours of work, no regular pattern of work, and no ongoing expectation of employment.” (MBIE, 2017). If your ‘casual’ employee is working regular shifts then they probably aren’t casual and you might want to consider a part time, fixed term or permanent agreement. Note that you can only use fixed term employment agreements when there is a “genuine reason based on reasonable grounds” (MBIE, 2017) so you need to be able to justify this and include it in writing in the employment agreement. If you want to know more about employment agreements come along to TPP’s Employment Relations class with tutor, Kate Campbell, starting 20 February 2017.

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Student music played around the world

8 Mar 2017

*Student music played around the world* Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s MAINZ students are taking part in a new project that will see their music played in stores and showrooms around the world. FUSION Electronics has partnered with MAINZ to create the FUSION Soundrise Project. The initiative will see MAINZ students create and submit orginal music prepared to fit corporate briefs across five genres provided by FUSION. The tracks will be played on MAINZ radio station, Radio Teapot and a panel of judges will select a finalist for each genre, as well as an overall winner. The five finalist tracks will be mastered and loaded onto FUSION’s Stereo Active – a portable, purpose-built marine stereo – and distributed to FUSION’s salespeople and retailers worldwide, to be played in stores and at tradeshows. Students will receive real-world feedback from the marketplace and global exposure along the way. The project will select a “track of the year” based on this market feedback, which will see the winning student receive an award and cash prize.    “Our best guess is that these students’ music will be heard in at least 42 countries,” says Marcus Hamilton, Marketing Manager for FUSION Electronics. “The initial idea was just to run a competition, but when we teamed-up...

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Music industry links boost job prospects

8 Mar 2017

Music industry links boost job prospects Graduates of Tai Poutini Polytechnic’s MAINZ Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Production are enjoying strong career prospects as the industry looks to the music institute for new talent. Programme Manager John Bassett says MAINZ enjoys strong links with industry, which results in good outcomes for students. “Of the 11 students enrolled in their final year of the Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Production, the majority moved straight in to jobs or on to further study. Students have picked up great jobs across the spectrum, including Radio NZ, the renowned Roundhead Studio, music therapy, television audio content production, Maori TV and in overseas positions. “We work in a reasonably small industry in New Zealand. Increasingly, if you want to become involved in audio engineering and production, it makes sense to study with MAINZ. Our connections to industry give our students a head-start when the jobs come up. We are also approached directly by NZ businesses when they are looking to hire new talent. Dr Bassett says demand for places in the programme remains strong, with some great new talent moving through the institute in 2017. The Bachelor of Audio Engineering and Production was introduced at MAINZ Auckland in 2016 and is now also available through...

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Long weekend holidays at home

1 Mar 2017

Long weekend holidays at home D Ritchie *Dave Ritchie* Director – Experiential Learning, Tai Poutini Polytechnic With Easter just around the corner, you might be thinking of packing up and heading out of town for the break. But before you start booking accommodation and preparing to battle the holiday traffic, take a look at the following ideas for planning your own “holiday at home”. The West Coast has plenty to offer, from hidden gems to world-class outdoor attractions, so head out and get amongst it. Remember: don’t leave town ‘til you’ve seen the country. Visit the Oparara Arches[] You might have taken a field trip here in high school, otherwise many Coasters have never taken the time to visit this world-class attraction. Limestone arches and caves to explore in the majestic Kahurangi National Park at Karamea. Walk Morgan Gorge[] Popular with kayakers, you can also walk along the wild Waitaha River to Morgan Gorge – see if you can find the “hole in the bottom of the world”. Venture right around Lake Kaniere[] With a walking trail on the western edge of the lake, a road along the east, and plenty of baches and huts to camp in, you can walk, ride and kayak your way right...

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Want to make the most of your staff

23 Feb 2017

Want to make the most of your staff Are your staff capable but lacking motivation? There are ways you can find out what motivates them and how you can use this to drive performance in your organisation. There are lots of different theories about motivation in the workplace but one common one is Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which outlines five key motivating factors:   Physiological needs such as basic pay, work environment and tea and coffee Safety needs including safety from physical and emotional harm Belongingness needs such as working in a team with good colleagues Esteem needs which include consideration and respect from others plus a sense of self worth Self-actualisation needs such as challenging projects and opportunities for growth and career development. If you understand what your employees need, then you can focus on providing these and improve motivation in your workplace. Want to make the most of your staff For more information about motivation, come along to TPP’s Organisations and Management course with tutor, Kate Campbell, starting 24 July 2017.

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Know who you’re hiring

16 Feb 2017

Know who you’re hiring Choosing who to hire is a big decision for your business as your staff make a real difference to your bottom line. A simple personality test can give you insight into your future employees and help you make the right decision. Know who youre hiring3 Personality tests give a measure of the key traits of someone’s personality. They usually measure things such as openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and emotional stability. These are sometimes helpful in choosing employees, if the traits are relevant to effective job performance. When you’re looking to use a personality test, it pays to bring in the professionals: tests available on the internet have little evidence to support their effectiveness and are unlikely to help. For real results you should consider using a consulting company that employs registered psychologists to develop, administer and interpret these tests. This means you’ll get useful information to help you make the right decision. For more information about selection methods, come along to TPP’s Human Resources Management course with tutor, Kate Campbell, starting July 2017.

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O week – MAINZ Auckland

15 Feb 2017

O week – MAINZ Auckland  Welcome to the MAINZ 2017 Academic Year! We kick off the year with great orientation activities giving you opportunities to meet with others and give you a taste of the types of things you can achieve through studying at MAINZ – starting each morning with bands out of the front of Victoria Street to welcome you in,  BBQ’s every lunch time, and regular gigs from students and staff playing at various times. Orientation is important – for all students.  It is more than just fun activities – it allows you to meet the staff, meet other students, think about your future, and find out what you can do to make the most of being a MAINZ student. Orientation is about place, people and planning. For those new to MAINZ, we will have a formal Mihi Whakatau on Tuesday, with plenty of time to practice waiata beforehand (we are a music school after all).  Returning students are encouraged to be part of the MAINZ welcoming party. Keep an eye out for the daily activities, and I wish you all the best for your studies at MAINZ.  Dr Christine Fenton MAINZ General Manager (Acting)

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Taking a SWOT at building your business

9 Feb 2017

Taking a SWOT at building your business There’s lots of jargon in the business world – and some of it can be really useful if you’re looking to make the most of your business. Have you ever heard the term “SWOT analysis” and wondered what it means? A SWOT analysis is essentially a study of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats facing your business. It’s a really useful way to see where your business is at, so you can ensure your future success in the face of internal challenges and external risks and so you can capitalise on strengths and opportunities. Taking a SWOT at building your business2   Want to know how to do a SWOT analysis? For more information about understanding your business environment, come and see Kate or Ian at TPP to talk about our Business and Management Diplomas.

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