MAINZ Auckland Campus Open Week

28 May 2017

MAINZ Auckland Campus Open Week 12 to 16 July 2018

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Music students learn real-world skills

22 May 2017

Music students learn real-world skills MAINZ music and audio students are living the dream this week, as the tertiary school’s real-world pilot programme rolls out. Students will get a taste of real-world production and recording as the entire institute comes together to write, record, produce and distribute a new album. MAINZ Programme Manager Kingsley Melhuish says the week aims to encourage students to work together to achieve a final product, as they would have to do in the real world. “We want to encourage those collaboration skills that are essential to working in the music industry. You can’t work in isolation, particularly here in New Zealand. You need to be able to draw on all the resources you have and create the best end result,” he says. Collaboration Week will see teams of student from across the MAINZ disciplines (performance, production, audio engineering and business) come together to deliver a new album in just one week. They will have to write and perform the songs, plan and book recording sessions and coordinate the album release. The albums will then be release on YouTube, SoundCloud and MAINZ’s own Radio Teapot. The concept is inspired by a model used by partner school the Pop Akademie in Germany, which runs a similar programme for its summer school students. Mr Melhuish says...

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Paddy Hill Graduation Gown

2 May 2017

Paddy Hill Graduation Gown Jack Mathews Graduation 1937 2 A heirloom graduation gown that has been passed down through four generations made its latest appearance at the recent MAINZ Bachelor in Audio Engineering and Production graduation ceremony. Graduate Paddy Hill, 23, says wearing the gown that originally belonged to his great-grandfather made his capping ceremony that much more special. “My great-grandfather, who went on to be a Reverand, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from Otago University in 1937. Since then, his gown has also been worn by my great uncle and my mum, who graduated from Lincoln University in 1987. “Mum always kept the gown and I know she hoped that I’d get to wear it one day. It definitely made the day more special, knowing I was carrying that history with me when I graduated. I looked a little different – the older gown is heavier and bulkier – and I needed to get the right hood, but my classmates thought it was a nice touch.” Paddy completed the MAINZ degree in 2016, after first enrolling in the Certificate and Diploma programmes. He says studying for his Bachelor’s degree was a big undertaking, but it was worth all the extra effort and commitment. “I’ve now got...

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Winter’s coming – are you and your car ready?

26 Apr 2017

Winter’s coming – are you and your car ready? Make sure your car is ready for winter with a few easy checks and preparations. Remember, if you’re not sure, your local garage will always be able to help or advise. Tips for getting your car winter-ready Check fluid levels:  this includes your engine and automatic transmission oils, brake fluid, coolant(water) in your radiator and expansion tank (check if it has antifreeze in it), and windscreen wash. Tyres: check your tyre pressure and tread depth, although 1.5mm is the legal limit, you really want at least 3mm of tread around the full width and circumference of the tyre during winter. Don’t forget to check the spare! Snow chains: practice fitting on a sunny day so you’re ready when you need them. Unsure? Ask your local supplier or a friend for help and ensure you have the right fit for the car. Battery: your battery hates cold mornings as much as you do. You can ask your local supplier to help you check. Auto2 *What if the battery is flat? How do I jump-start my car?* A. Removes the keys from both vehicles and ensure lights are off. B. Connect the jump leads as set out below - make sure...

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Extreme weather closes Auckland and Waikato campuses

13 Apr 2017

*Extreme weather closes Auckland and Waikato campuses* 13 April 2017 TPP campuses in Auckland and Waikato will close today following advice from authorities in response to the extreme weather in the region. All MAINZ staff and students are advised to stay away from the Auckland CBD campus today, while TPP’s Auckland-based trades campus on Ascot Road will be closed from 10.30am. The Waikato Digger School in Cambridge will also close today. Auckland Civil Defence has called for non-essential travel to be cancelled in the region and is advising workers not to enter the CBD. The campuses have been closed for health and safety reasons. Arrangements are being made for supervision of any students who do turn up to campus until they can make other plans. *We will keep staff and students informed as the situation unfolds today, please keep an eye on the website and social media channels.* *TPP campuses closed today:* MAINZ Auckland 150 Victoria Street West AUCKLAND 1010 NEW ZEALAND TPP Auckland Trades Campus 92 Ascot Road Airport Oaks AUCKLAND 2022 NEW ZEALAND Waikato Digger School Swaps Quarry Taotaora Road Cambridge *Please direct urgent enquiries to:* Facilities Manager – Doug Griffin 027 256 9017 Communications and Marketing Manager – Mequa Hourston 027 237 5844

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Develop staff interpersonal skills

30 Mar 2017

Develop staff interpersonal skills Most job advertisements these days require applicants to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. These are crucial to organisation success, especially in customer service roles, but difficult to measure and very hard to ‘teach’. So what are some of the keys to effective interpersonal communication? Develop staff interpersonal skills 1. Develop an understanding of self. Fostering self-awareness and self-esteem can enhance an individual’s communication competence. 2. Develop an understanding of others. Understanding individual differences in culture, experience, personality, values and so on, can help create empathy and bridge the gap between individuals. The Johari window is one tool that you can use to gain an understanding of the effects of feedback and disclosure in increasing self-awareness and understanding relationships with others. Want to know more about developing interpersonal skills in yourself and your team? Come along to TPP’s Business Communications course starting 24th February 2017.

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The 7 Ps of Marketing

23 Mar 2017

The 7 Ps of Marketing The ‘7 Ps’ provide a useful framework to think about marketing strategies. The 7 Ps of Marketing Here are two to get you started: *Product (and services)* Customers look for products or services to meet their needs and hopefully provide answers to their problems. The challenge for the business is to continuously improve and update products and services through innovation. The ability to be able to offer ‘something new’ or ‘something different’ is important. The Coca-Cola bottle stood out from the crowd by its shape and the fact that it was easier to hold. Businesses need to be able to describe their product or service clearly and concisely to be well understood by customers: “robot vacuum cleaner”, “accounting services for small businesses” and “Wild foods” are examples. *People* For any business and particularly service businesses, customer perceptions are very much influenced by the people providing the service. Staff need good knowledge of the product(s) or service(s) being offered or undertaken. Professional attitude and interpersonal communication skills are vital. Many organisations use ‘corporate dress’ or branded uniform clothing to help build the business image. The challenge to meet and beat the competition is ever greater. Attention to these two Ps is a good starting point when thinking about marketing...

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Make the right decisions – Pareto can help!

16 Mar 2017

Make the right decisions – Pareto can help! When you’re about to make a big decision or change in your business, it’s worthwhile giving it some extra thought. A Pareto Analysis is essentially a tool that you can use to analyse which potential changes to your business will result in the greatest benefits. Vilfredo Pareto was an Italian economist who noted that approximately 80% of a society’s wealth was owned by only 20% of the population. Otherwise known as the 80:20 rule, the Pareto Effect also notes that 20% of the work typically generates 80% of the benefit. How can you make it work for you? Step 1: Create a list of the changes you could make to the way you do your work. Step 2: Score the changes. The scoring method you use will depend on the sort of problem you are facing. If, for example, you are trying to improve profitability, you would score options on the basis of how much profit each option would generate. If you were trying to improve customer satisfaction, you might score on the number of complaints eliminated by each change. The first change to tackle is the one with the highest score, as it will give you the biggest benefit if...

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The right employment agreement for the job

9 Mar 2017

The right employment agreement for the job Deciding to hire staff on a casual, fixed term or permanent basis will depend on the nature of your business. Knowing the difference and understanding the legal requirements will help you make the right decision. This is often confusing, especially if you want staffing flexibility. A causal employee is one who “has no guaranteed hours of work, no regular pattern of work, and no ongoing expectation of employment.” (MBIE, 2017). If your ‘casual’ employee is working regular shifts then they probably aren’t casual and you might want to consider a part time, fixed term or permanent agreement. Note that you can only use fixed term employment agreements when there is a “genuine reason based on reasonable grounds” (MBIE, 2017) so you need to be able to justify this and include it in writing in the employment agreement. If you want to know more about employment agreements come along to TPP’s Employment Relations class with tutor, Kate Campbell, starting 20 February 2017.

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